Shepherd/Black Lab mix


Who Do I Belong To?

I belong to a human who only drinks coffee if it’s wrapped up in chocolate twice over.

Did you know...

  • I think I’m a lapdog, even though I weigh over 130 lbs. My people get weird when I try to sit on them though. They keep mumbling about not being able to breathe. But I can hear then, so clearly they can breathe! Weirdos.
  • I’m scared of my kitten siblings even though they’re both less than 1/10th my size. I can’t help it if I get freaked out when their backs do that weird arch thing. Backs aren’t supposed to do that. I know cuz I tried it once and fell right over.
  • I like to play frisbee but I don’t like to give up my prize once I get it. Instead I’ll turn it into a tug-of-war game with my person. 2 for 1 play time special!
  • I fooled my people into adopting me from the shelter by being the quietest pup of the group. Now they’re stuck with me. SUCKERS!
  • Christmas is my favorite time of the year because I like to steal Christmas cookies off the cooling rack. The lemonade ones are my favorite. I don’t get why my people always scold me for volunteering as their taste tester. They’re weird but I love ’em!