German Shepherd


Who Do I Belong To?

My human and his dad attended Game 6 when the Blackhawks won the Stanley Cup in 2015.

Did you know...

  • I’ve been sprayed by two skunks, but that hasn’t stopped my parents from buying me multiple toy skunks (it’s my favorite)
  • I have a condition called megaesophagus, which requires me to eat in a chair for every meal
  • Despite a shortened career, I’m a first ballot hall of fame frisbee catcher
  • I like to “sing” with my parents – don’t tell them, but I’m WAY better
  • I continuously trick my parents into thinking I have to go outside to do my business, so I get a T-R-E-A-T when I come back in, and yes, I know how to spell “treat” – silly parents