Did You Know?

Yes, Gar is his full first name.

Gar postponed law school for a year to work on a congressional campaign. After Election Day and before school started, he taught snowboarding in Colorado.

Gar has played hockey for most of his life, contributing to the number of times he’s broken his nose.

Gar is a contributing author of a book on armed conflict and the environment.

Gar does not understand why his distaste for bacon offends some.

The office is the only place Gar doesn’t wear his Cubs hat.

Gar has been to Dollywood more than once.

Gar is (slowly) learning to speak German.

When Chicago’s winter ends, Gar’s bike becomes his primary mode of transportation.

Gar represents franchisors in commercial litigation, including disputes in federal and state court and arbitration.  He conducts legal research and drafts memoranda regarding contract, employer-employee, intellectual property, and franchising issues.  Before joining Cheng Cohen LLC, Gar clerked at the Environmental Law Institute in Washington, D.C. and for Justice Terrence J. Lavin of the Illinois Appellate Court.