Did You Know?

Paula was a self-proclaimed “Band Geek” in high school – she played the clarinet.

Paula danced with the Joel Hall Dancers, a Chicago-based urban jazz company, for 10 years.

Paula loves to crochet – she mostly makes baby blankets and scarves.

Paula can change the sheets on a bed with someone still in it, thanks to her time working in a hospital.

Paula is allergic to all animals with hair, and so has never had a pet.

Paula loves to garden – she finds weeding to be a serene and meditative activity.

Paula really enjoys assembling build-it-yourself furniture.

Paula has an extensive sock collection, including three pairs featuring sloths.

Paula loves to cook – her signature dish is Choucroute, a heavenly mix of sauerkraut, cured meats, and white wine.

Paula runs her own contemporary dance company, the Lucid Banter Project.

Paula supports the firm’s transactional team with the franchise registration filings, document preparation, and corporate matters such as managing annual reports and minutes.

Prior to joining Cheng Cohen, Paula had the privilege of an eclectic professional life, working as a professional dancer, retail associate, nursing assistant, barista, personal trainer, and ballet studio director.  But most recently, Paula was a corporate paralegal at Beermann LLP.