Mascot and Protector

Did You Know?

Scout has 4 less teeth than the average dog.

Scout’s tail spins like a helicopter for airborne greetings.

Scout recently started eating food off the floor to help her little sister.

When Scout manages to break free of her leash, she pauses after realizing her parents may get lost without her and retreats.

Scout enjoys quiet evenings laying under the dining room table or the piano.

Scout’s arch nemesis – squirrels and rabbits.

Scout’s favorite vegetable is edamame.

Scout prefers golf balls and frisbees over chewy toys.

Scout has 3 significantly less furry siblings.

Scout Cheng Cohen is a seasoned and energetic herder. She combines the keen analytical skills and intelligence of her Border Collie ancestry with the grit and fierce determination of her Australian Cattledog bloodline, bringing to each relationship unequaled attentiveness, protectiveness, and devotion. Angst-ridden, Scout leaves no trouble unworried. Until her expulsion for misbehavior, Scout attended puppy school where she mastered ‘sit,’ ‘stay’ and ‘leave it’ (unless ‘it’ might be edible, especially squirrels). Thereafter, Scout was home-schooled. Scout’s days of long walks, playing with frisbees and territorial barking have been replaced with napping and sleeping.