Our Credo

We provide uncompromising client service and sound and practical legal advice to franchise brands for a fair and reasonable fee.


We are passionate about client service. Some lawyers practice their pristine profession by managing clients at an arm’s length. We embrace our clients, warts and all. We make their problems our own.  We exist to solve their problems; to advance their success. That means facilitating, not getting in the way of, the client’s business. It means responding to calls and emails within hours – not days. It means intimately understanding our clients’ brands and businesses; appreciating their unique competitive, regulatory and environmental challenges; anticipating their next hurdle; and being a useful part of their team every day.

We don’t just treat people fairly; we treat people well. We are plain-spoken and direct, among ourselves, our clients, and as we deal with adversaries. We engage and embrace to build solid, lasting relationships that can be leveraged to advance our clients’ interests.


We measure our success by what gets accomplished, not by killing deals. Anyone can tell a client “we don’t advise that.” We help our clients find innovative ways to get the deal done or the dispute resolved. We take action, responsibility, and calculated risk. We are aggressive, creative, and focused on productivity and growth.


We foster a culture of results over profits. Instead of maximizing the billable hour, we’re focused on high-quality and efficient work product. We operate with an intelligent-staffing and low-overhead business model – because we also don’t expect our clients to pay for lavish offices or unnecessary administrative staff. We are also flexible and open to alternative fee structures where doing so would provide benefit to the client without sacrificing our ability to provide the service.

We are proud of the firm we’ve built, but we find far more gratification in hearing from our clients that we helped contribute to their achievements and success.

Winners Inside And Outside Of The Courtroom

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