Cheng Cohen at the 2019 IFA Annual Convention

Every year in mid-February, the franchise industry takes a break from its regularly scheduled madness to connect, learn and be inspired at the IFA Annual Convention.   As always, the Cheng Cohen team will be rolling deep – sending 9 members of our team to attend the Convention in Las Vegas: Amy Cheng, Ric Cohen, Michael Daigle, Antonia Scholz, Allison Grow, Vincent Frantz, Jonathan Hitz, Zack Iacovino, and Gina Malandrino.

In addition, Amy and Antonia will be involved in the following programming this year:

  • Amy will speak during the Labor Issues Summit on “How Your Company Should Comply with the Changing Policy and Legal Landscape” and will participate in a Supplier Session to discuss unanticipated setbacks and solutions in a franchisor’s system;
  • Antonia will be moderating the one of the Business Solution Roundtables on the topic of “Dealing with Financially Distressed Franchisees” – Tuesday February 26, 2019 (2:45pm to 4:45pm).

Don’t hesitate to connect with us if you will be attending.  (And please keep your eye out for our giveaway in the welcome bag this year – we strive every year to be the best gift in the bag – tell us if you agree!)