IFA Giveaway Sneak-Peek

Each year Cheng Cohen takes great pride in adding the least expected giveaway to the IFA grab-bag. What will it be this year? Can you guess from this sneak-peek photo above for the 2019 IFA Annual Convention ?

In the past, we have given away seasoning salts, spice rubs, cutting boards, and dipping bowls.  Just last year, we gave away a cookbook featuring family recipes from every member of the Cheng Cohen team (catch some of the cookbook highlights here).  Why the cooking theme you might ask?  It’s more than just our love for a pun (though we truly are “seasoned” franchise lawyers).   It is because we have learned that cooking creates common ground in a way few other things do, acting as both a cultural and interpersonal icebreaker. We certainly hope it gives you something to talk about with members of the Cheng Cohen team at this years’ IFA Annual Convention in Las Vegas (learn more about the members attending the IFA here).