Office Manager/Paralegal

Did You Know?

Inexplicably, Joanna orders “Amish chicken” every time she sees it on a menu.

Joanna was voted most pragmatic in high school.

Cleaning up at a kennel as a kid did not diminish Joanna’s love of dogs, but she will never own a St. Bernard.

Joanna once aspired to be a marine biologist despite her inability to swim.

Joanna aspires to draw recognizable objects on the cream top of Guinness and lattes.

Joanna once took a master class from Isaac Stern.

Joanna prefers fog over sun.

Joanna still regrets skipping the Ella Fitzgerald concert to take her Econ final.

Joanna believes that one day she will learn to play the cello.

Joanna never missed a single day of school.

Joanna has been with Cheng Cohen since its inception and serves in a variety of capacities for the firm. Joanna has over two decades of paralegal experience, primarily focused on managing all aspects of the FDD preparation and registration process.  Joanna also acts as the firm’s officer manager, overseeing the day-to-day operations and administration of all of the firm’s clients, attorneys, paralegals and staff.

Prior to joining Cheng Cohen, Joanna was a franchise paralegal with law firms in Chicago and San Francisco.

  • Education

    • Bachelor of Arts, University of California, Berkeley