Rhodesian Ridgeback/Shephard mix


Who Do I Belong To?

Thanks to her three young sons, my human can name every type of truck found at a construction site.

Did you know...

  • I love everyone and everything I meet, whether it’s other dogs, squirrels, birds, people, grass, or baseballs, I’m not picky.
  • I like to sunbathe so if you’re looking for me, I’ll be napping in the sun patches streaming in through the windows.
  • If you scratch behind my ears I will be your best friend forever, promise.
  • My mom and dad tell me I’m not a lap dog but I don’t understand why not, I mean, I’m only 65 pounds!?!
  • One of my many nicknames is The Beast (like that good boy in The Sandlot) after I ripped a board off mom and dad’s fence to retrieve a hidden baseball.